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Rosemarie Chavarria

Hi, Nimer,

I too want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this message. I know this virus is real because we've lost over 7000 people--and that's just in California alone. Just about everybody in my immediate family is at high risk. I'm asthmatic and my youngest sister has stage 2 C O P D. My mother has a heart valve that's narrowing. The doctor doesn't want to risk her having open-heart surgery due to her age. She'll be 90 on her next birthday. It saddens me to think that someone would have the nerve to spread lies about this pandemic. That person should be ashamed of himself for doing that.


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Hello Nimer,

I wish to sincerely thank you from the depth of my soul for this message.

I'm in Italy, as you probably know, and our country has been and is still struggling with new cases and hundreds of deaths every day.

I've lost some friends, and friends of mine have lost parents, children
or otherrelatives.

Hearing and reading stuff ike that is really too much for me.

Unfortunately those hteories are spreading fast, here as well.

this isthe dark side of technology. Please, don't let's lend ourselves
to it.

Thanks again Nimer, with tears in my eyes.

Blessings to you and all.

Stay safe, wherever you are, and may you be spared the suffering that so
many people and families I know have had to go through, and still are
going through.



On 14/04/2020 21:09, Nimer Jaber wrote:
Hello everyone,

I don't make it a point to come on this list often, wearing my list
owner hat, but today is one of these days. Please read and respect the
following message:

In the era of covid19, there are many people struggling. Many are
looking for objective information. Many are looking for reassurance.
And, alas, a few are making it a point to use their energies to spread
conspiracy theories, false information, and lies about the virus. This
is unfortunate, dangerous, and will not be tolerated in this forum, or
any subgroup. Any comments that covid19 is not real, it is just
government taking over, the many deaths are fake, etc, will not be
tolerated. This warning results from messages sent to the chat
subgroup. I completely understand that social distancing is difficult,
and to that end, you may join the chat subgroup, reach out to friends,
engage in online events, enjoy time in nature while maintaining
physical distance from others, etc. You can also reach out to
nvda+owner@nvda.groups.io <mailto:nvda%2Bowner@nvda.groups.io> if we
can do anything to help you, or guide you to resources which may be of
assistance to you.

To demonstrate the seriousness of this issue, any member wishing to
spread misinformation, conspiracies, or lies about covid19 will
receive an immediate, no-questions-asked ban. It will be a ban that I
will most likely forget to lift. There is no recourse for appeal, no
discussion necessary.

Furthermore, if you read a message which seems to hint at a conspiracy
on this, or a subgroup of this list, please send the offending message
on to nvda+owner@nvda.groups.io <mailto:nvda%2Bowner@nvda.groups.io>
and you can be sure that it will be handled promptly.

Please, let this message be your only warning. My hope is that no
further event like this will take place, but if it does, there will be
no additional warning or reminder. I will ask Brian to add something
to the list rules which are sent out monthly as a reminder to those
joining this list.

If you have any questions, please send them to
nvda+owner@nvda.groups.io <mailto:nvda%2Bowner@nvda.groups.io>. If you
disagree with the policy, don't bother sending an email though, as I
will not be changing my mind.


Nimer Jaber

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please notify me via reply email and destroy all copies of this
correspondence. Action taken as a result of this email or its contents
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criminal charges. I have checked this email and all corresponding
attachments for security threats. However, security of your machine is
up to you. Thanks.

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