Re: check boxes dont' work in sim tool kit pro

Jonathan COHN


I reviewed large portions of your log even though I only wanted to see the information about the active control you were concerned about. It appears that  after getting into the Sim program, you did quite a bit of navigation by link, header, and form field. Eventually, you arrived on a button called “t” “a” “f” at which point you typed insert f1 whereupon NVDA described all the parameters of that button including that it had a label defined by the developer. This button has a state of pushbutton, which I am not sure if that means hat it has some state or not. In JAWS  pushbuttons usually have a aria-pushed value to indicate if they are in or out. If indeed this TAF button is supposed to have two states, have the developer make sure that aria-pressed is toggled between true and false as appropriate.




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