Re: NVDA DAISY structure error


Hmmph, rebuild the book again.

Name files from0 to 9 as follows.


01 all to 09

then 10 11 12, etc.

put the number at the start of the filename of the mp3s.

Its how media players work.

What may be happening is you have 01 filename or filename 01 filename 02.

If you do it by filename numberless its likely to do it am alphabetical, so a b c d e f etc.

If you number the file it may see 01, but not 002, so 1 then everything with 1 in it, 1 10 up to 19 then 2 20 up up to 99.

You can also do it the way apple does it 0101 up to 01122 though its a bit bad for a book.

I use the 01 or 001 on my audio and then it plays things right for normal music and books.

Some programs that do this for say cd wripping will name things a b c d or whatever but put numbers after the track so track01.

Thats ok but it needs to be 01 name

02 name.

The other way to handle that is use a m3u to play things in the order you want but independant doing well.

Then again, if you know what all the files are, and put them in the order to be played  in the xml then it shouldn't matter.

On 15/04/2020 7:10 am, Robert Kingett wrote:

I've been trying to fix this all day and I can't figure out how to fix the book structure errors in the audio DAISY version.

Listening to the book on my stream, After chapter 1, section 1, it jumps to section 10, rather than going to chapter 2.

For example. After section 1.3. It jumps to chapter 10, and continues on until 16.6, where it goes back to section 2.1 after that chapter.

I've tried renaming all the files in the daisy book, but it still plays in that strange order. Is there something else I can try to fix this behavior?

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