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Sascha Cowley

Hi Gene,


A lot of my work is with non-accessible PDFs that are produced by my university. The way Edge handles them generally works much better. For example, Acrobat will tend to just lump all of the text on one page together, whereas Edge seems to at least try to break it in to paragraphs. And Acrobat's interpretation of mathematical symbols is often very garbled, whereas Edge often seems to correctly represent them to NVDA.


On 15/04/2020 08:17, Gene wrote:
There is an objective comparison that can be made, however.  For example, unless this has changed in recent versions of Acrobat Reader, it didn’t decolumnize columns in logical reading order properly enough of the time to be a problem.  I don’t work with PDF documents much, but when I have, I have found that decolumnized documents often have information in the wrong place.
Using OCR often helps greatly with this problem. Perhaps Edge decolumnizes PDF documents much better.  I hope so.
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          When it comes to matters of preference, "better" is relative.   If Edge works, and is most pleasant, for you then, by all means, that's what you should use.

           I do not know whether the following works in the stable version of Edge, but in the Dev versions hitting ALT+SHIFT+I will open a feedback mechanism that is dedicated strictly to Edge.  If something has broken that previously worked, I strongly suggest you log feedback.  If that method does not work within Edge, then do so via the Windows 10 Feedback Hub app.

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