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many people whome i know, dont use nvda because of several reasons: i
disagree with most of them!
1. they dont know nvda and simply say: because its free, it means that
its not good, or its imperfect, even one of them told that nvda is
like a toy! not screen reader of daily use!
i became very sad for there claim, i really love nvda, and promised to
use it till the end of my life, even when one day i become sighted!
i dont believe that nvda is only for blind users, its one of the
divine blessings for me that i never want to miss it!
2. nvda cursor are not simple as jaws cursor.
i agree with this part, and i wish that nvda cursor worked exactly as
jaws cursor without need to use numpad!
3. they simply dont love espeak and they wish to use eloquence, but i
disagree about this part too!
iven voice i believe that its the most lovely, sweet, friendly, and
enjoyable voice and that i even dont think about other voices and
i can read hundreds of pages of book with this excellent voice using SayAll!
its voice is very understandable, (but i only love english US voice
and its one of the main reasons that i cant use beyond 2017.2 and
2017.3 versions of nvda.
2017.4 and later, has not the capability of using persian plus english US!
4. many people like me, hate ribbons and they are glad for using jaws,
because jaws has virtual ribbon menues, that enables them to use
ribbons as they use classic menues!
5. jaws is very customizable, and has numerous settings for change.
but honestly, i really love the simplicity of nvda settings!
hope that help you and nvda developers.
God bless you!

On 4/14/20, Judith Pelaez via
<> wrote:
Hi guys,

Yes, I do have friends who use NVDA on a daily basis but still, I wanted to
get some other points of you as well.

What do you think is essential for a user to have to be able to use NVDA
comfortably on a daily basis?

I appreciate everyone’s help and I hope you stay safe and have an amazing

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