Re: check boxes dont' work in sim tool kit pro

Sarah k Alawami

Actually I arrowed past the TAF and metar buttons into the sim brief website.
This is where things brake, as they work outside the browser tab with in this browser tab, but in the tab itself, which is not the main app but an applet inside is where things brake. Links cannot be clicked, check boxes cannot be checked, etc. The rest of the app works fine, except for the tabs. I know this is confusing, and i really am having trouble explaining. The developer know it is broken, but he really does not know how to make this work with NVDA, he wants to though.

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On 14 Apr 2020, at 14:58, Cohn, Jonathan wrote:


I reviewed large portions of your log even though I only wanted to see the information about the active control you were concerned about. It appears that  after getting into the Sim program, you did quite a bit of navigation by link, header, and form field. Eventually, you arrived on a button called “t” “a” “f” at which point you typed insert f1 whereupon NVDA described all the parameters of that button including that it had a label defined by the developer. This button has a state of pushbutton, which I am not sure if that means hat it has some state or not. In JAWS  pushbuttons usually have a aria-pushed value to indicate if they are in or out. If indeed this TAF button is supposed to have two states, have the developer make sure that aria-pressed is toggled between true and false as appropriate.




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