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Jonathan COHN

EPUB3 is a merging of Daisy and epub. The primary difference is that daisy was distributed as a directory and epub as a zip compressed directory. EPUB also has a mime file that I have never seen in daisy  books, but I think it is fairly standard.



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Date: Tuesday, April 14, 2020 at 10:48 PM
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Subject: Re: [nvda] NVDA DAISY structure error

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Hi Curtis,


I might take you up on that!  Or can I ask what software you use please?  I've been looking for daisy software to try to fix this.  The Daisy Consortium only push ePub now and have abandoned DAISY.


So, I guess the other question is what format does everyone read audio books in?  I never even knew that ePub was an audio format until recently, but should I be looking at converting the material to ePub 3 instead?  (We already supply ePub in the electronic text but that is just a text based book, without audio).






On Wed, Apr 15, 2020 at 11:12 AM Curtis Delzer <curtis@...> wrote:

If you want, I can do all of this, for I have the software I use to
create books with, give me a link and I can probably fix it in less than
an hour of work or so, easy peezy. I do this every day so it is no great
shakes for me.

Curtis Delzer
K 6 V F O
Rialto, CA


On 4/14/2020 4:34 PM, Quentin Christensen wrote:
> Hi Robert,
> Sorry for the problems, I'm aware of this issue, and I've been trying to
> chase up Glen who recorded the audio version for us, however I haven't
> been able to get hold of him - with the closure of a lot of places and
> changes to work arrangements he might not be getting those messages.
> If you are listening to the MP3 files (not using the Daisy structure)
> then the easiest solution is to renaming the files (rename everything
> before chapter 10 to add a 0 to the start).
> Using the daisy version it will require the daisy creation software.  I
> will look into what is involved in that myself now.
> Regards
> Quentin.
> On Wed, Apr 15, 2020 at 7:25 AM Robert Kingett <kingettr@...
> <mailto:kingettr@...>> wrote:
>     [Edited Message Follows]
>     [Reason: I clerified some language and gave a hyperlink to the book
>     in the NV Access store.]
>     I've been trying to fix this all day and I can't figure out how to
>     fix the book structure errors in the basic training for NVDA audio
>     DAISY version.
>     Listening to the book on my stream, After chapter 1, section 1, it
>     jumps to section 10, rather than going to chapter 2.
>     For example. After section 1.3. It jumps to chapter 10, and
>     continues on until 16.6, where it goes back to section 2.1 after
>     that chapter.
>     I've tried renaming all the files in the daisy book, but it still
>     plays in that strange order. Is there something else I can try to
>     fix this behavior?
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