Re: Alt Keys In Edge Not Working For Menu Access


All of the Chromium-based browsers have never used a conventional menu that one makes display with just ALT.  There is a menu key, which can be activated either by ALT+F or ALT,DownArrow.  

After doing so, what used to be the entire menu structure opens in dropdown with dividers between what had been the separate menus.  I personally like this better.  Virtually every single item on those menus has a shortcut letter or, even better, a full keyboard shortcut such that you never need to invoke the menu.  Here's a list of the most commonly used ones that are common across browsers.  In the case of new Edge, substitute the term Favorites for Bookmarks (and why Microsoft didn't ditch the Favorites terminology I'll never understand):

New Tab CTRL+T
New Window CTRL+N
New Private/Incognito Window CTRL+SHIFT+N
History CTRL+H
Open most recently closed tab CTRL+SHIFT+T
Bookmark this tab CTRL+D
Bookmark all open tabs CTRL+SHIFT+D
Open Bookmark Manager CTRL+SHIFT+O
Show Bookmarks Bar CTRL+SHIFT+B
Open Downloads Manager CTRL+J
Print CTRL+P
Find (browser find) CTRL+F
Settings ALT+F,S  or ALT,DownArrow,S
About browser (get version info) ALT+F,A

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