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It has nothing to do with web sites.  If you look through the categories in options, one of them will be programs.  Use the search to find the file type you want, for example, type pdf.  Then down arrow and look at the results.  You can then tab around and see what is available for the result.  I believe you can arrow to the result in the find and then tab around and see options for that and other choices of actions.  But you will have to experiment and perhaps ask more questions.  You may have to, for example, open combo boxes as you tab to them and work with them so that you don't constantly loose your place in the dialog.  If you don't,, I believe the combo box takes an action each time you move and you are placed in another field.  I've almost never used this dialog, as I said.  I'm trying to give you some idea of how to work with it but I haven't used it to the extent that my explanation will be more than ideas for experimentation.
And if you do open a combo box and move to an item, I believe you have to press enter on the item once you move to it, though again, you will have to experiment.  Tabbing may be all you have to do.

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I hope someone can point out what I am not doing right!


I am using Firefox 47.0.1 Windows 10 and NVDA 2016 v2.1.


Lately, I find that I cannot open embedded links that point to a document in PDF or Word when it is embedded in a report or article in Firefox.  I used to be able to do this before. Can anyone explain what has happened? I think I read that some web sites need to know what reader tools are available in the calling browser, is this true?


I find that I do not have this problem in Internet Explorer (v11). There I have only to press space bar on the link to the file and it opens in Adobe Acrobat without any problem!


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