List of elements not working in Excel for me

Petr Řehák

Hi all,


I am having trouble getting any elements except sheets listed in Excel 365 with NVDA 2019.3.1 when pressing NVDA+F7. The following error message can be found in the NVDA log when trying to list formulas:

ERROR - RPC process 9604 (EXCEL.EXE) (10:26:46.221) - Dummy-12 (14904):

Thread 6160, build\x86\remote\excel.cpp, nvdaInProcUtils_excel_getCellInfos::<lambda_a3c86ee69f81a35a54e78746d987966c>::operator (), 478:

application.range failed. Code -2146827284, rangeAddress '[Hmotnost chlupáčků.xlsx]List1'!$E$4:$F$18,$G$4:$G$19,$E$20:$F$20,$E$21:$G$21,$E$22:$F$22,$G$23,$E$24:$G$25


I am also missing the feature to rename the selected sheet in this elements list (sheets are the only thing it can list for me).

My version of Excel is:

Microsoft® Excel® pro Office 365 MSO (16.0.12624.20348) 32bitová verze


Best regards,


Petr Řehák


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