Re: Any accessible hex editors for screen reader users?

Christopher Pross <chpross42@...>

Ok, That is Strange, I have used the Version 1.7.7 for a long time and didn’t test the new versions deep enugth.
I will look into it, maybe a quick fix with an addon is possible. If not, I will contact the developer.

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Am 16.04.2020 um 04:07 schrieb Stephen <whocrazy@...>:

I just tried the latest HXD, which I downloaded yesterday, and I am facing a really weird problem.
Not all of the data are visible to screen readers like NVDA and JFW, only bits of it.  For some reason, both JAWS and NVDA think that there are spaces where the hex characters should be.
This didn't happen in the older version of HXD, version, it could read every bit of data you arrowed over.
Let's say you've just loaded up a file to edit, and you've got a line of code that reads: AB DD 1B 2D 27 9A.
Both NVDA and jaws have trouble reading the data. 
When using your review cursor, or arrows, you'll see something like:
    DD    2D    9A.
I wonder if there is any way to fix this?
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I am using UltraEdit version 10.10B. I believe there are newer updates, but I have not updated it yet. I have used it without any issues with Window-Eyes until Window-Eyes died. Since then I am using it with NVDA. I don't know how well it works with the Shark, but with Window-Eyes and NVDA there have not been any accessibility issues at all.

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On 2020/04/15 11:13am, Sean Murphy wrote:
what version of ultra edit are you using?
What screen reader are you also using plus version?

Are used to use ultra edit a few years ago And stop you that because I found the interface not as friendly for JAWS for Windows.  If this has changed I will be definitely looking at it again.


My experience is the part 

On 13 Apr 2020, at 11:48 pm, Christo de Klerk <christodeklerk@...> wrote:


UltraEdit has a very good hex editing feature and many other powerful editing functions. This is a real programmer's or techie's editor. But it is not free. I think it costs around $60. I have it and do things with it that I have not been able to do in other editors I have worked with. Notepad++ comes closest, but it doesn't offer hex editing.

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On 2020/04/13 03:02pm, Paulius wrote:
I'm wonderring if there are programs called hex editors designed to be
accessible to screen reader users.
Any recommendations?
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