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Hi guys

I was browsing the under development section and saw the add on for Windows magnifier. I knew there was one for windows 7 but no higher back then.

it looks as though this will work on windows 10

I seen this add on a little while back on the section under development.

has any one who has a bit more sight have a play with this add on and how well did it work?

I saw it when installed went up to 16 times magnification in Windows I thought it used to only be like 4 times at one time maybe windows 7 or did it change later on?

it seems to have a stable release number but is still under development. Is it been reviewed at the moment to go onto the main add on list? or are bugs etc still be ironed out?

The add on I am referring to can be found at

 Has any one used it with the mouse and did they have any problems like windows locking up? or any ting like that.

There may be some members who could benefit from this add on when it gets released to the main list.

I was also wondering there may be others on this list who do not know about it and may help them.

Gene nz

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