Re: Trying to learn NVDA for the Microsoft Flight simulator and the add on program Ideal Flight Special Edition

Sarah k Alawami

There is no add on for flying with NVDA. You have to use screen review and ocr to do most of the work. It's a bit of a pain, but it is doable. If you want more info check out my new lbry channel where I am going to post every flight sim video from 2018 to present, if I can find them all. I use NVDA and later on this year I'm going to post a video showing how the screen reader is connected. Give me about 6 months to put everything together though , but this is a project I'm working on now.

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On 16 Apr 2020, at 17:01, Kerryn Gunness via wrote:

hi ron
am also trying to do the same
can u email me privately?
trying to get the blind flight simmer contact, addd on for nvda
info on how to fly etc

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Hello to all.
I know that Sarah would be a great resource for this question.
But curious if anyone could give feedback on using both either Microsoft Flight Simulator version ten, AKA FSX Steam version and or the newer program Prepare 3-d now I believe is version 5 with NVDA?
I also have been watching quite a bit about the up coming Microsoft Flight simulator 2020 project that's all over the internet and face book as well.
This project is suppose to be out around October 13th, 2020.
But I thought that I saw somewhere that it might be released sometime now in September.
I just uninstalled all of my flying programs.
Many thanks.
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