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they were originally supposed to be incorporated into NVDA as a part of the program.  There is therefore no explanation of how to replace the old files with the new. 
It may depend on whether you are running an installed or a portable version of the program, where you would put the files.  I’ll write more about the portable version if people are interested in another message but you either back up the original waves folder or delete it, create another folder called waves and place the files in that or, if the download you got has the files already in a folder called waves, paste that folder in the same place as the old waves folder was. 
That’s true of both the installed and portable versions but the waves folder may be in a different place, I’m not sure.
To backup the old waves file, change its name to something like waves old, that’s all you have to do.  You can leave the folder where it is. 

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I'd also like to know.  There should have been a text file stating what
to do with them.

On 4/17/2020 5:29 AM, Akshaya Choudhary wrote:
> Hello!
> How do I install/use these sounds?
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