links in email with thunderbird

Mary Otten

Hi all,

Until this most recent update to T-bird, the one that started the thread on all that extra chatter, it had been the case that if you opened a message and read it, or if you tabbed through the open message looking for links, those links which had English text associated with the url would announce the same way, i.e. the English text, not the http:// etc would be spoken by NVDA. Now, however, if I get a message and tab through to quickly find the link I know is there, all I get are the readouts of urls, which are not helpful at all. If I read through the message, I hear the actual English text, not the url, but that is inefficient as heck, since in a lot of instances, I know there are titles to stories, for instance in a newsletter, that I want to flip through, rather than listening to them all plus the blurbs after each one.

I hope this description makes sense. What can I do to get my tabbing to read the link label in English as it does when you read straight through, rather than read the html http:// stuff?


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