Tip for canceling an Amazon subscription using NVDA & Windows 10


I hope this helps others here. Sorry to those using an OS other than
Win 10, as this won't help yall.

I had the very unfortunate experience of needing to cancel an Amazon
subscribe-and-save subscription, admittedly due to my own stupidity.
The experience was, however, made considerably worse due to
accessibility issues. I hesitated to call the Amazon Disability
Support desk because the last time I put a phone call in, what I
needed didn't get done, ie, somehow they thought I didn't get my
merchandise, they issued a refund, I asked them to cancel that because
I did indeed receive my order, & they gave me my money back anyway. O
well. I tried to be honest. Be that as it may, here's what I ended up

In order to cancel a subscription, you log into your account, then
activate the 'orders & lists' link, then the subscribe-&-save link.
Find the name of the subscription you wish to deactivate. In my case
it began with: "Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets Probiotics Cat

Using object navigation, I navigated to the previous object (nvda +
shift + left arrow on my laptop. It's a graphic. Press NVDA+r to
recognize the content. Now press the spacebar to open the options
where you can change delivery options or cancel the subscription.

This should not have to be like that, ie, this "hovering" over an icon
to make options appear is a well-known accessibility "no-no". Having
thus said, complaining to the disability support desk would be utterly
futile, as they don't have either the language skills or knowledge to
file such a complaint, though having thus said, I'm thoroughly
grateful for their being available & I very much appreciate their

At any rate, as I said, I hope this helps someone who finds themselves
similarly situated. Many blessings for your weekend.

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