Re: strange behavior with Microsoft sapi 5 voices and NVDA

Kevin Cussick

Hi here is a url to download a little utility, this is supposed to fix any problems with sapy voices. use at Your own risk. url below.!Ame5fFtwuKO3zxpx6x9pgVtswi7n?e=YYREWO

On 17/04/2020 05:17, Tony Ballou wrote:
Hey Gene,
There's another thought that crossed my mind as well, the utility that you're speaking of I seem to remember hearing or reading something about such a thing quite a few years back but have no idea if it's still in existence. I'll be ringing Microsoft sometime tomorrow, if I can't find this utility. Thanks for bringing that up.
On 4/16/2020 8:38 PM, Gene wrote:
I’m not at all sure reinstalling will accomplish anything.  There is a way to repair SAPI 5, which I don’t know if it will help.  If the voices work before login, it appears they don’t need reinstallation. I wonder if it is a registry problem.  While I don’t know, maybe the repair procedure or utility might correct that.  The voices clearly work.  They work on the login screen.  Here again, I don’t know but reinstalling SAPI voices might be something to do after running the repair.  Also, if you are going to fool around trying various things, I wonder if and how you would set the voice to something that isn’t SAPI 5 before login so that if trying things makes things worse, you will have speech on that screen.
I don’t know what was done to your computer, but I believe that even for something unrelated to software, if a computer is brought into a shop, routine diagnostic tests and maintenance may be done and I suspect something was done that caused the problems.  Those who have more technical knowledge and know what shops routinely do may want to comment.  In thinking about what you are describing and about a shop I used to use years ago, I’m beginning to think that if you take a computer in for a specific problem and it wrks properly aside from that, that it might be a good idea to instruct the shop to do nothing else.
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Hi Jackie,

That's something I was thinking about possibly having to do, we're on
the same wavelength. Trust me I already as they say, googled it so we
don't even have to go there.  Needless to say, the hits were enormous,
and the answer is the proverbial needle in a haystack. Where can you
find the actual executable file for performing the re-install, that's
the question now.


On 4/16/2020 3:37 PM, Jackie wrote:

Tony, since this clearly affects more than just NVDA, let me suggest a
reinstall of your SAPI5 voices.

On 4/16/20, Tony Ballou <> wrote:
Hi Jackie,

I just had the power switch repaired, that was to my knowledge the only
hardware issue going on.  As far as the problem goes, it's with all of
the sapi 5 voices including Neospeech.  As for the log on screen,
suggestion, I checked that out, first, and it would work if the problem
was actually there.  The problem occurs after things get past the
log on


On 4/16/2020 3:16 PM, Jackie wrote:
Tony, what sort of hardware repairs were done on your machine? Is
there any possibility your activation for the Neospeech voices were
broken by that?

On 4/16/20, Sarah k Alawami <> wrote:
How do you mean they were compramised I'm not really clear as to
going on here.

Take care

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On 16 Apr 2020, at 10:42, Tony Ballou wrote:

Houdy folks,

Thanks for coming through for me over the weekend with my friend's
computer issue.  The fixes are in place, and everything is as it
should be on that score. Now I've got one of my own that's got me
baffled. Here's what's going down.

     I had some hardware repairs done on my desktop just before
we were
all thrown into chaos. Everything was fixed internally and all's
on that side of the ledger.  However, there is a strange thing going
on with Microsoft's Sapi 5 voices and NVDA that's got me
scratching my
head.  Please bare with me as I try to explain this because it's a
new one on me.

When I initially log on to enter my password, the proper voice
that I
use which is neospeech Paul comes on as it should. However, now this
is where things get dicey. Once past the log on screen the Sapi 5
voices loose all functionality, and I have to switch to the windows
one core voices for things to function in somewhat of a proper
I've tried all of the tricks that I know to put things right, but
nothing works.

I wouldn't normally put up a fuss about it, because I can use
the one
core voices just fine for most tasks. however, Some of the games
that I play to help keep me sane during this crazy time that we're
living in like chess, and cribbage also use the Microsoft Sapi 5
voices, and they've all been compromised as well. What's
happened, and
does anyone have a fix for this strange issue? Any help would be
appreciated.  Thanks much and everyone stay safe.


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