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Cordelia Scharpf

Judith and Zahra: Thanks for your tips, which were indeed helpful. I will do my memorizing then (smile).

To anybody who might know: Please correct me if I am wrong. It looks as though Windows 10 does not offer an overall option that would display/announce keyboard shortcuts. I found this quite helpful running Windows 7 and a German screen reader, the latter is no longer being supported. Having the shortcuts displayed or announced right next to an option expedited memorizing. Users could choose to turn it on or off. Might this be a useful toggle to be implemented in NVDA someday?


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i searched in google:
how to use windows 10 mail?
hear you are the link. hope that helps.

On 4/18/20, Cordelia Scharpf <> wrote:

I am new to using Mail (Windows 10) and cannot seem to find shortcuts to
quickly manage emails. Where do I find them, in settings or anywhere else?

Furthermore, I wonder how to activate the context menu key. It doesn't do
anything whereas all other function keys work all right. I was hoping that
by using the Context Menu key I could access a menu showing the shortcuts
relevant for Mail, for example.


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