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Alt+X is applicable if using old Edge, not new Edge.

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Hi Group,

Remember a few days ago when I was saying that the alt + keystrokes weren't working in the new Microsoft Edge. I was saying that alt + F and alt + S weren't working to bring up the system menus or anything else. I guess that's because the proper keystroke is alt + X. It helps if you know the proper keystrokes.

The reason I am sending this message is because I got a half dozen references to what I should do to bring up the system menus and such. They were all wrong apparently.

Again, the proper keystroke is alt + X. That brings you up to all the items you usually get with traditional drop down or pull down menus in Firefox, the old Internet Explorer and such.
You then have to use a kind of combination tree view where you collapse and expand items with left/right arrow keys and also a kind of dialogue where you move up and down with arrow keys and press enter on items or note the proper keystrokes: control + I for favorites, Control + J for downloads, reading list Control + M and so on.

For settings, you have to press enter on that item and then it opens up the tabs such as general, advanced, privacy and security and so on.
The major issue with this menu structure is that you can't move by first letter navigation. I have over a hundred favorites in 14 folders. I have to arrow through these folders and bookmarks to find the one I want. Maybe this could be addressed by sending a bug report to Microsoft and seeing if they can do anything about it.


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