Re: how can I set symbol pronounciation for special case?

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You have one possible problem facing you. Names ending in (s) like Frances uses an apostrophy at the end to show possession, i.e. Frances'.
this is what I found in a Google search:
Word: Insert prime and double prime characters
1. If you have a separate number pad, then press Alt+8242 (press and hold the Alt key while you type 8242) for prime, or Alt+8243 for double prime.
If we don't take time to think before we speak we may find ourselves in a situation where our speech becomes a bit stinky!

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Sent: Saturday, April 18, 2020 11:31 AM
Subject: [nvda] how can I set symbol pronounciation for special case?


I find myself reading math a lot and very commonparticular in propositional logic and proofs is to differentiate two variables that are related but different by putting a single quote at the end of one of them. Example:
x and x' (read by symbol to notice the difference)

In math, The secon would be read as "x prime".

If you can see then it is easy to notice the distinction, but since screen readers try to avoid reading irrelevant information, this is skipped by default.

I noticed NVDA allows you to set symbol pronunciation including for special cases like being sentence ending or phrase ending, etc.

What I'd like to achieve is when a single quote is at the end of a word and pronunciation level is most, for NVDA to read it as "word prime". 

I tried several different things, but none of them achieved this.

I know I can make it so single quotes are read at most level, but then it will be read out when it isnt relevant to me. I just want to know about it when it is at the end of a word.

Really appreciate if someone can help with this. 


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