Re: how can I set symbol pronounciation for special case?

Samuel Kacer

Thanks, Tyler. I've started looking through doc for python RE. Not sure how I would go about making an addon for this... Is there a place I could hook into to filter/transform the text being sent to the synthesizer?

I've gotten closer. Now my regex will exclude the case when it is being used as an apostrophe such as in contractions like don't and I'll. But still cant figure out how to exclude the case when the single quotes are being used to enclose a word such as the case in a python string literal.

Here is the regex:

i've tried to exclude the enclosing case by prepending a \s to the beginning of the regex so it wont match unless there is a whitespace character before the string of word characters, but that doesn't work. Also tried putting a \b at the beginning so it would match if the string of word characters start at a word boundary, but that doesnt work either...

If anyone has any more ideas, they are appreciated

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