Re: how can I set symbol pronounciation for special case?



            Although I am certain that a regular expression could be crafted to work in virtually all cases where you need it, and not where you don't, is that really worth the effort?   I would imagine that you know when you are dealing with documents where you need the prime or double prime to be read, and I doubt that many, if any, of them are going to have single quote enclosed quoted strings or possessives for plurals for words ending in S.

             It would be relatively easy to put regular expression that will work when reading these mathematical documents in either the Voice dictionary, and use a specific voice you don't typically use when reading these documents, or even to keep the regex in a plain text file and toss an entry into the temporary dictionary (which is more work, but it is an option).

             I have written some insanely complex regex-es in my lifetime, but only when it was the only option because there was no way I could put any sort of "scoping rule" on the material that might be handed along for processing by same.  You likely have the luxury of knowing exactly when you're dealing with the material in question, and there are easier ways to get the result you want than spending lots and lots of time to get the magic, perfect, will work on any document regex if that's really not the easiest thing to get that result.

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