virtual machine software and nvda



A lot of people have been talking about virtual machine software, and I have been having half a mind to broaden my mind on some more of it also to advise what needs extra addons etc.

Firstly, vmware.

I have used vmware a lot and have brought the workstation so I can do a load of extra vms from xp up since I am interested in it.

While most things in player work, and the menus in workstation, the biggest thing is the fields.

They speak when filled but not when you type content in them.

Lists in workstation do not always read and there are probably a few unlabeled buttons.

Due to the hypervisor guard not being compatible I will not be trying hyper v, but I am thinking about virtualbox and kemu, kemu because you can emulate dirfferent machines and virtualbox because its free and vmware does not always play nice with everything like some linux distributions.

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