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I use Cygwin for ssh, because I have no problem with review cursor position. Often with putty NVDA announces next characters also if you are in the previous.

Recently, a great thing is the Ubuntu on windows10, that you can use in the command prompt.

Unfortunately when you go into ssh, you have the same problem of reading characters, but it is really a good soution.



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Da: Damien Sykes-Lindley
Inviato: sabato 13 agosto 2016 12:47
A: nvda@nvda.groups.io
Oggetto: [nvda] SSH


Hi there,

Do any of you use SSH? If so what client works best for you and how?

I have tried several clients from Putty, Teraterm and Absolute Telnet to Penguinet, Salt and Private Shell, and I can’t find anything that I can use confidently. I either come across unlabelled buttons and edit boxes on something even simple such as the connect screen, or I’m able to connect but then can neither view nor copy the output in an accessible way. I also find that if I type something incorrectly and have to delete, the characters I’m deleting aren’t spoken by NVDA, leaving me to either delete the whole thing or second guess things. An odd phenomenon, as typing speaks just fine.

Then again, I am new to SSH and terminal emulators and thus there may be something obvious that I am missing somewhere. For instance I’m not sure if SSH is a communication protocol or whether it literally represents a remote connection, so that the interface I am seeing actually reflects that on the system, hence the reason it seems to be the same on any client I use.




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