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Dejan Ristic

Hi to you all,

I agree with what Gene has said. I use it in the same way he describes. Besides, when I type a word whose definition I wish, I press enter and tab twice to the read only definition field. When I studied English, I used Wordweb as much as possible. I use it still. There are as many definitions contained in it as you wish. It's good to use the screen review, because when you tab to the definition read only field to read definitions, it sometimes happens that you miss some examples and types of words such as: verbs, nouns, pronouns, derived forms, etc, if you choose not to use the screen review.

If you wish to get the most out of your Wordweb definitions, you may have to obtain an internet connection. When you type a word and you find no matches, then you go to the view menu in the Wordweb interface, and then you need to find a submenu called In web browser. In that case, wordweb consults some other definition sources on the internet.

Enjoy your Wordweb, anyway. It offers much.



On 20/04/2020 16:51, Gene wrote:
I don’t have the current version, I don’t use it much but I use screen review to look at the results.  Also, I have no problem typing a word and then activating the search button in my version.  When I open the program, I am already in the edit field, which I believe may acgtually be something else like a combo box.  I type the word, then tab, I believe once, to the search button and press the space bar.  I then use screen review to look at the results.  its more likely you will see everything and its easier than tabbing to the right place and looking in other ways.
You can try the program and see if it is still laid out and works similarly to my version. 
It has an insulting and intrusive license agreement.  The developer is obsessed with airline travel as a way of determining who doesn’t have enough money to justify using the demo as a free version and that is how you convert the demo to the free version.  When the demo time runs out, or when you want, you certify that you haven’t flown more than something like two times in the last year.  And thus, the planet will be saved. 
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Has anyone found a dictionary that works well with NVDA?
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