Re: Can a developer test this for me?


Maria, I'm not a developer, but here are some things to check.
1) Go to control panel > region and language settings & ensure that
English United States is set.
2) Next, press the nvda menu key combination, go to preferences >
settings & thence to the speech tab. I uncheck the following items:
automatic language switching when supported
automatic dialect switching when supported
trust voice's language when processing characters& symbols.

Jaws also has similar settings where language options can be disabled.
I'm curious what synthesizer you're using?

On 4/20/20, Maria S <> wrote:
Hello. I am trying to apply to a job at

However, when I click the Create Account link, NVDA begins speaking
English in another language. This happens in Firefox, Edge, and
Chrome. Jaws also does this.

Using version 2019.3.1 on Windows 10. All browsers are up to date as
far as I know.

Thanks for any assistance, Maria Smith

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