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You can create a portable copy and move it or copy it wherever you want.  Portable programs aren’t installed so the answer to the question is that you can have as many portable copies on a machine as you want and they can be any compatible versions.  There is no limit to the current or older versions you can have on the machine if they are portable and compatible with the version of Windows running.  But you can only have one installed copy of NVDA on a machine at a time.

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Please help on the following:
1 can I instal two versions of NVDA on one computer.
2 does the NVDA remote add-on work on the latest stable version of nvda?

For question 1, yes, and no. You can create a portable copy of NVDA to run on a flash drive or other external device. Though with the way it's set up I don't see why you couldn't create another copy elsewhere.
As for NVDA remote and NVDA 2019.3, I believe they are compatible, yes.
Hope this helps.

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