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I don’t know where you are when you use the command.  Is this another example of why I say that automatic sswoitching between browse mode on and off should be done manually, not automatically, which is the default?  If you are somewhere where browse mode is automatically turned off, what you describe will happen.

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Sent: Monday, April 20, 2020 6:40 PM
Subject: [nvda] Forcing NVDA Find versus Browser Find
I'm now frustrated enough to ask this question.

It had always been my belief that hitting NVDA+CTRL+F would force the NVDA Find dialog to come up and be used to search a webpage.  I often want to be able to do this when searching for controls that don't necessarily show up with a straight browser find.

In trying to work on Maria's issue, I tried several times to get the NVDA find to come up to find the Language Selector button, but it wouldn't.  I'd hit NVDA+CTRL+F and still get the Brave browser find.  This has happened plenty in Chrome and Edge Dev, too, so I know it's not "just a Brave thing."

What am I missing?  There are times I absolutely want to force an NVDA Find, and it seems that sometimes I cannot do that.

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