Re: Is there a way to change the volume of NVDA's sounds?

John Isige

Weird! I'll have to go and try that because I'd think lowering the
volume with the synth ring would do the exact same thing. Maybe they are
lowered, but if so they're still significantly louder than speech. It's
also good to know that with the sound off focus changes will be
announced verbally, since I've never messed with that. Thanks all!

Oh yeah, I'm watching a video music lesson. Here it is on Youtube.

I'm doing it from their website because I just started paying for all
the lessons, but the volume's all the way up. He's just kind of quiet.
Other lessons are louder so they're fine. So I can lower speech
currently and turn him up and get a good volume, but you have to go into
focus mode to start the video playing, and those sounds are louder than
everything else. Now I have a couple ways of fixing it, and I'll bet one
of them will work.

On 4/21/2020 13:24, Gene wrote:
I don’t know if system sounds would have any bearing on the volume of
these sounds, though I doubt it.  These aren’t system sounds, they are
NVDA sounds.  I tried Rosemary’s suggestion and I found it both lowers
the volume of speech and of the kinds of sounds being asked about so
it appears that will solve the problem.  You may want to remember the
current number of the NVDA sounds settings so you can set it to the
same volume again if you wish.
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You could try switching off the focus change sounds in NVDA settings,
NVDA will then announce focus changes verbally.  Alternatively, you
could turn down System sounds in the Volume Mixer app.



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Hi all.

Pretty straightforward question, can it be done? I'm listening to some

fairly faint videos so I have to crank my volume up. I lower the volume

of my synth with the ring, but NVDA's sounds, e.g. going in and out of

focus mode, are still pretty loud in comparison to everything else. I

suppose I could just turn that sound off if it comes down to it, but I

figured I'd find out if I'm missing something obvious first.

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