Re: Is there a way to change the volume of NVDA's sounds?

Tony Malykh

That would probably imply that sapi5 eloquence is using some other way of playing generated sounds, other than NVDA's API in In this case it would probably be impossible to set its volume in a centralized way. I tested my add-on on MIcrosoft sapi5 voices, OneCore, espeak and non-sapi version of eloquence, and it worked for all of them.

On 4/21/2020 2:50 PM, John Isige wrote:
At least on my desktop, your addon mentions volume changes, e.g. "NVDA
volume 60", but my synthesizer volume doesn't change. That's using the
SAPI5 version of Eloquence, in case that matters. it seems to apply to
all of the SAPI5 voices, but it does change with others, e.g.
Microsoft's OneCore. I haven't checked the sounds yet, but I assume if
it changes the voice volume, it will affect those as well. I installed
the stable version.

On 4/21/2020 16:29, Tony Malykh wrote:
Yes, I wrote an add-on for that - it's called Tony's enhancements.
Once you install it you can adjust NVDA volume by pressing


On 4/21/2020 9:42 AM, John Isige wrote:
Hi all.

Pretty straightforward question, can it be done? I'm listening to
some fairly faint videos so I have to crank my volume up. I lower the
volume of my synth with the ring, but NVDA's sounds, e.g. going in
and out of focus mode, are still pretty loud in comparison to
everything else. I suppose I could just turn that sound off if it
comes down to it, but I figured I'd find out if I'm missing something
obvious first.

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