Trying to get a hold of AudioTheme iPhone package?

Gerardo Corripio

I was made aware on my Spanish NVDA Whatsapp group of the availability of the “AudioThemes” AddOn whose info follows

Audio Themes (audiothemes)

Versión: 6.0

Autor: Musharraf Omer<ibnomer2011@...>

Descripción: This add-on creates a virtual audio display that plays sounds when focusing or

navigating objects, the audio will be played in a location that corresponds to the object's

location in the visual display. The add-on also enables you to add, remove, edit, create, and

distribute audio theme packages.


And I went into the site provided, but I can’t find how I could get a hold of ioS sounds! If anyone of you guys happen to have to share, more and one would surely appreciate! Thanks for any download info.


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