Re: NVDA voice profiles are not functioning in latest NVDA after changing synthesizer

Sandesh computer trainer HR

HI friend,
By using Narrator I have did above settings which you have mention.
But Microsoft AP 4 is not working.

Now reinstall NVDA and change the synthesizer from E-speak to
Microsoft AP 4. Immediately NVDA was working without voice. Later I
have checked in volume control. NVDA volume was 0. Later increase it.

Look like Microsoft AP 4 has few issues with NVDA of latest version.

With regards,
Sandesh HR

On 4/23/20, Quentin Christensen <quentin@...> wrote:
Can you both please clarify exactly which voices / synthesizers you are
using? Sandesh, I'm not familiar with a synth called "AP4", but did you
mean SAPI 4"?

It sounds like you managed to get back to a voice you can use, but if you
do set the synthesizer to something which doesn't work, two ways to
overcome it are:

1) Revert NVDA to the last saved configuration by pressing NVDA+CONTROL+R.
If all else fails, pressing this three times quickly will reset NVDA back
to factory settings.

2) Or you can change the synthesizer again, if you are happy to try doing
so without speech:
- Press NVDA+CONTROL+S to open the synthesizer dialog
- Press W for Windows OneCore voices or E for eSpeak-NG.
- Press ENTER. The new synthesizer should load and start speaking.

Note that this assumes Windows OneCore is the only (or at least first
alphabetically) synthesizer beginning with W and eSpeak NG is the only or
first beginning with E.



On Wed, Apr 22, 2020 at 2:06 PM Robert Doc Wright godfearer <
godfearer@...> wrote:

I have had a similar problem. When I switch to Sapi5 I get silence.
and ?windows core are fine.
If we don't take time to think before we speak we may find ourselves in a
situation where our speech becomes a bit stinky!
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changing synthesizer

Hi friends,
Seeking your assistance to resolve below NVDA strange problem.
I have updated to latest version NVDA.
Soon after I have change synthesizer A P 4. Later I have exit the
While verifying NVDA features. I have reactivated NVDA through short
Unable to hear the NVDA voice.
I have reinstalled NVDA yesterday twice.
Still I am unable to listen NVDA voices.

With regards,
Sandesh HR

Quentin Christensen
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