Torrents in QBitTorrent, or other accessible torrent clients.

John Isige

Hi all. I'm back with another question.

I've been using QBitTorrent for torrents, but so far as I can tell, the list of torrents is inaccessible. So I've been using the web interface. While that's accessible, my problem is this. Say I have, I dunno, twelve torrents going. I want to delete seven of them. In the web interface, I have to pick one, delete it, pick another one, delete it, and so on. Is there a way to do this in QBitTorrent itself, so I can pick multiple torrents and just delete them? Ideally it would also ask me if I wanted to delete the actual data or not.

Alternatively, can anybody recommend another client that's accessible? I was using utorrent/mu torrent, whatever it's called, but one place I check doesn't like it anymore because it has some sort of security issue or something. That's why I switched to QBitTorrent. It wasn't really accessible either. You'd think a list box wouldn't be that hard but apparently torrent client designers like to make them non-standard or something. So if anybody's got something really accessible, I'd love to know about it. Maybe that is QBitTorrent and I'm just missing something.

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