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Bhavya shah

Hi Gene,

Oh, so WhatsAppp Web is still usable? I am aware of the general
process of scanning the QR code and will hopefully figure out its
interface by experiment. It would be great if you could tutorial you
have written about this; it could only help.


On 4/22/20, hurrikennyandopo ... <> wrote:
Hi Bhavya Shah

I wrote a tutorial for the web version but have not put it on my website.

You will need a mobile phone with whats app on

You will need to change some settings so it points to the web version
and you will need to scan in a I think it is a qr code then it will sign
you in.

Your phone is used to do this but needs to be pointed towards the monitor.

Do not do my trick I do not have the monitor on and thought I had turned
it on maybe off then scanned the QR code but would not sign me in the
reason was the monitor was off as confirmed by the wife.

Guess that is life.

when you are in there you can use nvda to jump around and chat with your
friends and or read there messages.

At the time I did it I do not think it could do audio or video chats so
just left it on the computer. I was sure my camera is working but could
not see any settings at that time to add a camera//mike or maybe it just
can not do it as not part of the software yet.

I had just started using the mobile version so hoped it would work with
my video camera/mic on the computer.

It is a rough draft but think it was finished off but can not remember
if it covered groups as it could get confusing? depending how it was done.

I have not been back in lately to see if it has been added or tried
another camera/mic just in case.

Let us know if you want a copy of it I can post as is but a more
polished copy will go on my website when I get a little time free.

Just come in from getting the deck rails sanded, clean etc and have it
ready to paint which she is doing now.

Time for a coffee and a rest.

Gene nz

On 22/04/2020 8:30 am, Bhavya shah wrote:
Dear all,

As the subject line implies, I would like to access WhatsApp on my
computer using NVDA.
* WhatsApp Web, according to the F123 Access service that used to make
it screen reader accessible, is no longger such and F123 Access is now
* Is WhatsApp for Desktop, the application, accessible with NVDA? Do
let me know.

I would greatly appreciate any assistance.


Best Regards
Bhavya Shah

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