Re: Converting JAWS Dictionaries


This needs to go to the Chat Subgroup, or private, but I have written a Windows batch file that can do this.  It does, however, require that you have installed Cygwin, which gives access to a number of common Unix/Linux utilities, and I'm using gawk to accomplish the task.

If anyone wants to discuss this further, please either contact me privately or start a new topic on the Chat Subgroup.  At the moment, what I have is NOT language specific, and since JAWS mixes all active languages (or at least can) in a single dictionary, using a field to differentiate which is which, there would need to be a way to filter entries only for a specific language (e.g. English, French) and those that are not specific to a language.

This discussion is way too "under the hood" to belong on the main NVDA group

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