Re: Latest NVDA and Word 365

Simone Dal Maso

it is dropbox, that is absolutely intrusive. You should go to dropbox preferences and deactivate any office integration. I don't remember the exact procedure since I do it only one time, but it was really tedious.

Il 24/04/2020 00:38, Marie ha scritto:
When I fired up NVDA this morning there was an update which I installed. Sorry don’t know the version but I always update so I assume it is the latest version not a beta.
I have a Word 365 document in my Drop Box document folder. I can open it as usual with Jaws 2020 but when I try to open it with NVDA, it will not bring up the document and I get “Drop Box Window” spoken by NVDA and there is absolutely nothing I can do from there. Harrowing or tabbing or pressing enter have no effect. All I can do is close it with the system menu or alt f4. I have tried exiting and re-entering NVDA and have tried re-booting the device but no change.
This is on my Surface tablet running Win 10 Pro.
When opening the same document with NVDA on my desktop running Win 10 home, it opens and functions normally?
Stumped in Reno! LOL!

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