Re: Any desktop client for twitter with NVDA


Twitter has banned a lot of accessible clients like OpenTween and a lot of non accessible clients. Mastodon is very open and accessible, see links below. I doubt Twitter will budge on this because they want advertising. Third party clients cut out advertising completely. Anyway, check out the below links. In fact, I'm shocked TW Blue hasn't been banned yet.

While reading the below, keep in mind that OpenTween and others have put in their appeals, but have heard absolute radio silence on Twitters end. So, if TW Blue gets banned, don't be shocked.

Lastly, no. Blind developers don't quite see the value in developing for Mastodon yet, which is why there hasn't been a Mastodon client developed for the blind on desktop, but a few of the mobile developers making their own Mastodon apps have taken accessibility very, very, seriously, for now.

  1. Blindness resource for OpenTween.
  2. Accessibility overview of Mastodon
  3. A screen reader guide for Mastodon with chapters.
  4. OpenTween for Mastodon.
  5. Another OpenTween fork for Mastodon. The page does not translate well.

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