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I don't think it is good procedure to give general advice such as to get the best computer you can afford.  Would you tell someone to get the most expensive car or stereo or television they can afford?  A lot of people don't need anything more than a computer in the moderate price range.  They don't need machines designed for power users or gamers.  In addition, some people may not care if they have an SSD or not.  I don't.  My computer is plenty fast for my needs and desires. 
Get the best you can afford is as bad general advice for computers as for anything else you are contemplating purchasing. 

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Sent: Sunday, August 14, 2016 4:14 PM
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you will not have really any problem using and running windows10,   try
and get the best computer you can afford if you can get one with an ssd
do that this will speed things up loads.   good luck.

On 14/08/2016 15:49, Nicholas Stevens wrote:
> Hi all,
> Hope somebody can maybe assist me with some Windows 10 inforrmation.
> I'm considering maybe buying a computer which is running Windows 10 to
> repllace this computer which is old and giving me plenty of problems. Is
> it very easy to use Windows 10 or is it a huge adjustment? I have
> previously worked on a pc rnning Windows 8.
> My mane questions for thee moment are:
> 1. I use Openbook 8.0 for scanning and reading documents. Would I be
> able to run it on Windows 10 or would I have to purchase another copy?
> 2. Is there a certain amount of memory that I should get when upgrading
> to Windows 10 or doesn't it make a differencce. I'm aware that I have to
> run NVDA as Jaws doesn't support Windows 10 unless upgrading to the
> latest Jaws.
> If anybody has any other advice and tips for me I would really apreciate
> it.
> I llook forward too your responses.
> Regards
> Nicholas

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