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NOTE:  I have made a moderator decision to respond to this, on group, because I believe it is critically important for anyone, using any software, to be able to report bugs when they find them.   A very great many organizations use Bugzilla, so I will give the initial step-by-step instructions for getting a Bugzilla account for a specific organization.  For Thunderbird that would be Mozilla, but other well-known projects like Open Office, Libre Office, a number of Linux distros, and more use Bugzilla.  The steps outlined should be the same for any of them, you just have to get to the correct Bugzilla site for the organization/product in question first.  Not every organization that uses Bugzilla is listed on their Installation List page.  You may need to contact support for the product you want to report about to determine whether they are using Bugzilla, GitHub, or some other mechanism entirely for bug reporting.

Setting up a Bugzilla Account Using a Screen Reader

1.       Go to the Bugzilla Installation List Page and search for the project you’re interested in getting a Bugzilla Account for.  If you’re looking to set yourself up for Mozilla products (Firefox & Thunderbird) then search on Mozilla.  There are about 150 organizations listed, and I can’t know which one you are looking to create a Bugzilla account for.  Each Bugzilla instance belongs to the organization that’s using it and you need separate accounts for each organization you wish to be able to report bugs for.  Activate the link for that organization.

2.       Activate New Account link on that organization's Bugzilla page.

3.       On page that opens, under Create an account, navigate to email address edit box and enter email address.

4.       Tab to checkbox for “I have read . . .” and activate it.

5.       Use the b navigation shortcut to take you to the Create Account button and activate it.

6.       At this point you’ll be sent an email to the address you used with a link that you must activate to continue account creation.

7.       On the browser window that pops up you will be asked for a display name/real name followed by a password and confirm password.  Passwords must be at least 12 characters and contain uppercase letters, lowercase letters, digits, and certain listed special characters. 

This was as far as I got recently with someone in setting up the Bugzilla Account, and this completed the process.  I have not written, nor attempted to write, anything related to how to submit a bug report for any specific product.

I am now locking this topic, as it is not directly NVDA related.  I will be happy to continue to assist, if needed, on the Chat Subgroup.  Start a new topic there if you need additional assistance related to Bugzilla in general or for Mozilla products in particular.

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