Re: Screen reader changes for discord.

Sarah k Alawami

Discord is a chat client that also does voice as well. You can set roles and restrictions so that let's say you see a channel, but bryan does not, or you and bryan see a channel but I an Robert do not etc etc etc. Or if bryan was miss behaving (sorry I'm throwing you under tghe buss a lot) I could restrict him to see none of the server or to see one channel. Look it up by googling "discord."

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On 24 Apr 2020, at 9:44, Richard Kuzma via wrote:

Good afternoon,

If you don’t mind, what is discord please?




From: [] On Behalf Of Robert Kingett
Sent: Friday, April 24, 2020 10:38 AM
Subject: [nvda] Screen reader changes for discord.


Below, you will find screen reader updates Discord has made. I haven't tried this out yet, but first, a few other things.

Screen reader guide for Discord.

The changeling has made a really great screen reader guide for Discord. Donate to them if at all possible.

How to get discord.

The most accessible way is going to the Discord Ninite page. The software on that page is a few versions behind but just let it update upon starting the app, after install.

The screen reader changes.

I copied this from the release notes and applied my own formatting.

  • Added a Reduced Motion accessibility feature. Enable under User Settings > Appearance > Accessibility. This’ll help users who are affected by excess motion and effects. Enabling it reduces the amount and intensity of animations that occur across Discord, making the app a little less...jiggly.

We’ve made several improvements to how Screen Readers interact with Discord. These include:

  1. All the big parts of the main app screen are now region landmarks so you can jump between them more easily.
  2. Things that kind of seemed like lists before are now actually marked as lists (whoops): Channels, Members, DMs, and Messages are more structured now. The whole server list is now a tree view to make it easier to find the server you want to view next.
  3. You can now more easily tell when a server or channel has mentioned you or has unread messages, distinguish between different types of channels and categories, know how many people are in a voice channel, and more.

It really bugs me they add the, and more, part, but this is a really, really, great step in the right direction though. Still no accessibility feedback email though.

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