Re: Add-On Updater: Is there a way to force it to check for updates?

Curtis Delzer

I did not have it installed. Sarah, you called it, I had about everything else, but that one. :)
smudge on me face . . .
and been doing computers since 1990. hmm! well . . . as they say, and I don't dare say in public, I best not assume which . . .

Curtis Delzer
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On 4/24/2020 4:15 PM, Sarah k Alawami wrote:
If you don't see a check for updates option you might have to reinstall the add on updater add on. Looks like somethingn got corrupted on yoru end as I do have a check for updates option.
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On 24 Apr 2020, at 15:24, Curtis Delzer wrote:
under tools in NVDA, there is no "check for add-on updates."
there is, "manage add-ons," but that is it in this version I am running.
Curtis Delzer
K 6 V F O
Rialto, CA
On 4/21/2020 1:42 PM, Kevin Cussick via wrote:
Hi,   nvda tools check for addon updates.   if this is not what
Your wanting I have miss understood and if so sorry just ignore.
On 21/04/2020 19:11, Brian Vogel wrote:
            I believe I've asked you this before, and I
apologize for needing to ask again.  I have another machine
that I just updated from NVDA 2019.2 to NVDA 2019.3.1.  I
also intentionally removed and reinstalled Add-On Updater. All other extant add-ons are incompatible with 2019.3.1, and
I know this.
            Add-on Updater did activate yesterday, but
before I did the 2019.3.1 update to NVDA.  I am curious to
see what it does with all the incompatible add-ons, but when
I invoke NVDA today it is not coming up to check them.  I
know there is some mechanism that keeps it from checking
again for a certain period of time since we've discussed
this before.
             I have looked in settings and the settings
specific to Add-on Updater, but I'm not seeing a button or
other control that would force it to do a check for updates
now.  Does such exist, and I'm missing it?  If so, would you
please describe where it is and how to invoke it?
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