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that may not be the case for sighted users.  The slower operation may be caused by the time it takes for browse mode to accommodate the changes. 

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Nope, is not the case, my ISP is working fine in these scenarios. I'm not saying that Twitter works slower than other webs, for example Facebook, because you are right, Twitter works better in these scenarios. I'm saying That the web interphase is Slower than twitter clients. For example in Open Tween you can browse the timelines with down or app arrow, and is read when you press... you has all options pressing applications or key commands... I know the web is accessible, but never will be faster than a good accessible client, and the same is applicable to TWBlue that is faster, and has commands to use the interphase from any window.




El 25/04/2020 a las 14:36, Akshaya Choudhary escribió:
Sluggishness experienced with the twitter website might be because  of bandwidth  provided by the intrnet provider. I'm personally very impressed with the accessibility and efficiency of twitter website. It works much better compared to Facebook and Reddit. I can navigate it with the efficiency of navigating any accessible website on FireFox.


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