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          You have, in times past, recommended the Reapers Without Peepers group right here on  The resource you mention, along with several others including Osara, SWS extensions, and are all mentioned, front and center, in the group description section.  The e-mail addresses for the group are, like all groups, located under the section Group Email Addresses on the same page.

           There is also the Windows 10 for Screen Reader Users group on as well.

           A quick web search on "Goldwave blind" turns up a treasure trove of infomation, including but not limited to, 24 Karat GoldWave! A Training Course for Screen-Reader ...

, and Accessible Audio Editor for Visually ... - Blind Street.  There is also a GoldWave add-on for the NVDA screen reader, too.

         It takes but a few moments of web searching to find all of this.  

On the Fundamental Importance of Being Able to Perform Web Searches

Searching the NVDA Group Archive

Searching the Windows 10 for Screen Reader Users Group Archive

Searching the JAWS Group Archive

Searching the Android Accessibility Group Archive


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