locked Re: A caution especially in these times

Rob Hudson

Brian Vogel <britechguy@gmail.com> wrote:
The dangers of blocking updates so hugely outweigh allowing them to be applied that this should never be considered.  Also, any computer owner who is not taking routine full system image backups, and this has been true for decades now, is playing Russian roulette.  You need to be backing up in case anything causes your system to crash.

Perhaps a document should be composed walking newbies through the steps of taking an image backup and restoring it. I personally use active@ diskimage lite to do this. Because you can take a snapshot while the system is running and then restore it from the windows PE. This is the procedure I've been doing for a long time. But I'd be interested to find out how many average computer users know how to do such a thing, or even know it's possible, let alone possible to restore such an image backup with speech. Such a tutorial would greatly benefit the community, I think.

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