Re: Any desktop client for twitter with NVDA

Kevin Cussick

Hi, thanks so much for this I have read chapter 1 and at this time not for me but thanks.

On 25/04/2020 22:47, Robert Kingett wrote:
The reply privately button isn't working on the web interface for some reason. I'll reboot my computer later. Anyway, the below guide will explain what it is in far better detail, but it's basically a more open and decentralized Twitter, connected to the fediverse. It's like a million different twitters all separate, but connected to each other. It's like email, but with social networks. So, if a TW Blue for Mastodon were created, people could use whatever client they wanted to talk to others in another server, AKA, instance. Anyway, read the below. Start at chapter 1.

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