Re: Question: Are there any tutorials on backup and restore helpful for NVDA users who totally rely on speech or Braille?

John Isige

Don't count whatever you want. Will it work? If none of the self-booting
ones will work, will some program that can create an image and run from
within Windows work? I'm interested in practical solutions. There are
always Linux rescue disks of course, but lots of people aren't
comfortable with Linux. Windows might not provide a comfortable solution
either, e.g. if you can only get to a CLI and people aren't comfortable
with the command-line, but it would be a lot more readily accessible at
least. Anyway, my point is that with Narrator running right from the
installation screen of any bootable Windows nowadays, I feel like there
should be a way to get access to image restoration with a screen reader,
at least in theory. I don't know if there's a practical solution
available though.

I don't care if it runs from within Windows proper, or Windows PE, or
whatever. If we can boot media we should readily have available in case
of accidents anyway and get to some sort of program that will restore a
recovery image while a screen reader is active, then there you go. That
gives us a tool we can use independently that we couldn't use before.
More importantly, all we need is standard Windows, we don't have to make
a talking Linux disk or some special talking Windows environment. It's
already available. If I can boot standard Windows, activate Narrator and
run a GUI program or get to the command-line and do restore
\path\windows-image-name and have it restore Windows with all of my
programs, or most of them, to a messed up or brand new drive, then I'm

On 4/27/2020 15:42, Brian Vogel wrote:
On Mon, Apr 27, 2020 at 02:46 PM, John Isige wrote:

But that's where trying to boot from a Windows install and getting
to your recovery program of choice would come in.

But this is not how most backup and recovery suites operate.  They
have dedicated bootable recovery software to handle the system images
they create.  And none of these run within Windows when being used,
because they're being used to recover a Windows instance.  (And I
don't count using Windows PE, or part of it, as "running under
Windows" such that a screen reader is available.)


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