Re: browser whatsapp file sharing

hurrikennyandopo ...


If I remember right if it is the web or app version go to the person you want to send it to then maybe type in a message, then go to browse mode and go up to attachments you can use shift/B key to do this. When you get to it I can not remember if I used nvda key + enter key to open that section. It then gave me 4 clickable sections these were not read out I think the first section was to send documents etc and the one after it I think it done your camera to take a photo? I would really have to go back in as they are not named. Then after you picked your file then is send after that.

I might need some eyes to confirm again before I add it into the tutorial as without been named I did not think any one would use it.

Gene nz

On 28/04/2020 2:13 am, bhanu computer wrote:
hi all, i cant access file sharing option in whatsapp with NVDA. can any one tell me how to access it?

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