Re: Windows PE ISO file with NVDA installed


To be honest, tweaking excessively could be dangerous.

There are some tweaks in winaero tweaker I do not use because it makes my system unstable and I have to backtrack at best, and clean install at worst.

I just apply what I absolutely need.

Surprisingly thats quite little.

I turn uac off completely because I need to modify files say game tracks, winamp plugins in program files folders which I can not do that easily with uac on.

I disable ribbons because I don't like ribbons.

I set a few misc things but I don't need much more than 5 tweaks, at least 3 of them I deem essential but thats about it.

I do have a little hack allowing me to use extra voices from cortana but thats about it.

I do not generally fiddle with the registry I don't even clean it.

But what if your work needs you to muck about like this.

If you truely need to do this on your system you use daily for your personal and work stuff and thats the choice you have, then add all your tweaks you really need into a batch file or several batch files, zip em and put them to a cloud share.

You can take images of the os but I am not sure about accessible restores.

If you can afford it, II'd either run vmware workstation or something.

Now I must admit, thats not completely ideal and accessible.

You need to buy workstation if you want to test xp for example the player doesn't cut it.

And you need resources hardware and such to allow for officient running etc.

Failing that, I'd buy a system to monkey on.

I plan either to have a system like this in the future to test stuff or a server with a lot of vms on it.

Vms can be coppied.

A system where its not crutial to have the system always working is probably better but you will have to buy a system of course.

Now there are ways to get older systems from ebay that are cheap if you just want to see what this button does, find if it breaks, and so on.

If it breaks, then reformat and do it again.

I sadly do not have that sort of system, though with the selling of my piano and some old broken speakers, I will actually for the first time ever actually have space for a throw away box.

Sadly due to the covid thing I may not have the cash for one right now but still.

If this is your live system, I would personally not doodle like this.

You shouldn't need to custom tweak your live system that heavily at all.

If you lose track, some time down the road you may lose track and things will go bang on you.

Not counting windows and software updates which as we all know can and have broken things I have experienced this first hand.

Of course I can make the problem go away but this system is my own system.

Its why I havn't really gone insider yet on anything bar xbox.

I have a standard configuration and thats it.

If you really need to tweak like this, there are, were pes about.

Sadly the opopanax stuff is gone and I am not sure what to do about this.

To be honest there is probably a way to make a pe yourself but I have no idea how to or accessability of the software.

But an imaging software I have used before ages and ages before, is drive image xml by

Its accessible at least the version I used had alt b for backup and alt r for restore.

The data was compressed and stored in xml files.

It even had a cabinet for pe disks.

Thing is now we have windows 10 setup you probably will never need a pe.

A pe is only really needed to diagnose things and fix things, and get files off.

If you have done that much tweaking you should probably know about linux, in that reguard, get something like linux mint, ubuntu mate, debian, or grml and you can probably recover files off your system, then if you screwed up, reinstall windows if its that bad.

Windows changes so much anyway that your image will become out of date really quickly.

If you have a server or nas or something to do images and friquently can do that with something like ghost or asincronis then hmmm well do whatever.

I have not needed to bother with imaging my system.

I keep the program files and data backed up on 2 external laptop drives and have a flash drive and dropbox handling critical things.

If push comes to shove, and sometimes it does a lot of places I get my stuff from have ways to get the keys I own back.

Some people will still need contacting but still.

I tri

On 28/04/2020 4:53 pm, Sean wrote:

Hi all,

I want to get the Image of the directory where Windows is installed.
Configuring my computer is difficult for me because I install a lot of programs and deal with things like regedit.
This takes a long time.
Now I think Capturing Image is more efficient.
People edit and publish Windows.
This is easy for them.

I need a Windows PE ISO with NVDA installed.
I spent a lot of time in, I searched.
Unfortunately, all links are dead and posts are not what I wanted.

I will capture the Image with the "dism" tool.

It does not matter Windows 7 or another version.
It should just be bootable. I will install with Rufus. and I will run the USB disk


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