Re: Windows PE ISO file with NVDA installed


Thanks jean, I don't personally need the pe images myself but its good you have them.

I'd actually be interested in making my own if it came to that.

But bar failing windows updates, the way I have things is mostly standard, but I have few tweaks I need to have active.

On 28/04/2020 5:33 pm, hurrikennyandopo ... wrote:

Hi Sean

I have on this pc 2 copies of Windows 10 PE versions and  for windows 10 one  is 32 and 64 bit.

I used to have a windows 7 version might still have it but would have to look.

I can only drop box one at a time my limit for drop box would be used up if both were done.

Is this what you are talking about they are the ones with nvda on it. Never used it but they are about 700 meg or so or maybe bigger.

not sure if it includes the ico image though.

Let us know if you want me to drop box it?

Plus which version.

Gene nz

On 28/04/2020 4:53 pm, Sean wrote:

Hi all,

I want to get the Image of the directory where Windows is installed.
Configuring my computer is difficult for me because I install a lot of programs and deal with things like regedit.
This takes a long time.
Now I think Capturing Image is more efficient.
People edit and publish Windows.
This is easy for them.

I need a Windows PE ISO with NVDA installed.
I spent a lot of time in, I searched.
Unfortunately, all links are dead and posts are not what I wanted.

I will capture the Image with the "dism" tool.

It does not matter Windows 7 or another version.
It should just be bootable. I will install with Rufus. and I will run the USB disk


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