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Jack Zimmerman <jackzip65@...>

Hello John and List! I had tried using the free IOS version of that program, at one time but really wasn't very imressed with it at all. Either that or just don't know how to talk right! A possibility! When I looked that was the only one they had. Perhaps the paid ver_not would be better. I am also a deaf blind person! Completely braille reliant! So something like this would be a boon to me also but It would need to be some type of mobile application for when I'm oot and aboot!
My best to All!!

Jack and Becky
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On Aug 14, 2016, at 4:09 PM, John J. Boyer <john.boyer@...> wrote:

Is anyone using Dragon Naturaly speaking or another speech recognition
program. It has been suggested that with such a program people who
aren't good typists could talk to me.


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